A86012 Management and Principles of Accounting

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Anno Accademico 2018/19

Lezioni:   Introduction to financial accounting (782K)Lettore
Accounting for business transanctions (360K)Lettore
Recording transactions in the journal book and in the ledger (631K)Lettore
Recording owner's contribution_financing operations (663K)Lettore
Recording long-lived assets and other investments (497K)Lettore
Recording purchases (262K)Lettore
November 23, 2018_adjustment and closing entries (411K)Lettore
Recording sales and employees compensation (724K)Lettore
Accounting Harmonisation Process - Dec 7, 2018 (946K)Lettore
Esercizi:   EXERCISES_Introduction to financial accounting (176K)Lettore
EXERCISE Recording transactions in the journal and ledger book (220K)Lettore
EXERCISE Accounting for business transaction _accounting equation (492K)Lettore
EXERCISE Recording owners contribution_financing (22K)Lettore
EXERCISE Recording long lived assets (87K)Lettore
EXERCISE Recording purchases (155K)Lettore
Review Session I con soluzioni (32K)Lettore
Additional Exercise 1 for the exam (54K)Lettore
exercises sales and employee compensation (74K)Lettore
Solution assessment tes (12K)Lettore
Review Session II with solutions (72K)Lettore
Varie:   Summary of the course (216K)Lettore