A84346 From Storytelling to Storybranding

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2017/18 Second Semester

Docente TitolareRoberta Cocco
Office"Torre" (main tower), 7th floor

Learning Objectives

This course will introduce students to storytelling, the current communication approach to position private and public organizations among key stakeholders. Storytelling practice is embedded into our culture since it was the primary form of people entertainment and it remains one of the most effective ways to engage audiences and transfer a message

When Story Telling is aligned with Brand goals, it becomes one of the most effective and influential techniques of gaining reputation and trust.

Learning targets

Listening to a high-level storyteller creates lasting personal connections with organizations and foster a shared understanding regarding their mission and values.

Students will learn theoretical and practical skills to understand how effectively construct “a story” connected to organizations mission, main objectives, brand positioning and products features.

Traditional word-based communication will be enriched by digital media in order to provide a comprehensive knowledge of storytelling elements.

Course Content

At the end of this course, students will

  • Understand the principles of storytelling
  • Understand the basis of brand management
  • Move from classical mindset to innovative perspective for communication assets
  • Integrate narrative and multimedia assets into brand management
  • Compose and manage stories to create positive reputation for organizations
  • Develop critical skills to analyze different narrative works


Course Delivery

The course will be divided into 4 modules of 4 hours each.

Students will be asked to use their own computers to do exercises in team and it will require self-motivation and interest.

Lessons will be composed by theoretical and practical parts and will be enriched by high level external guests that will share their experiences with audience

This course has no required textbooks. A detailed list of suggested readings, video and audio files will be shared during the course.

Additional handouts, articles and online resources will also be provided.   

Course Evaluation

Successful completion of this course is predicated on active participation and in-class presentations.

Grades are based on the following aspects:

  • Class participation and discussion: 20%
  • Reporting of suggested articles, videos, commercials, … 20%
  • Exercises and assignments during lessons 30%
  • Final Projects 30%


Session 0
Hours of lesson: 4
Instructor: R. Cocco


Lesson 1

Introduction to storytelling

  • Why story telling is so important at our times? Why story telling is so important every time?
  • What does “story” mean? Which are the main roles in a story?
  • How can we read every business story as a narrative? And what can we earn from that exercise?


    Exercise (individually) – Shape your personal story


    Introduction to storybranding

  • The theory of Customer Based Brand Equity (P.Keller)
  • The “new Customer” and the importance of advocacy
  • Building blocks of great Brand stories


    Exercise (in team) – Transform a communication deliverable (adv, press release, positioning paper, …) in a brand story


Session 0
Hours of lesson: 4
Instructor: R. Cocco


Lesson 2

Storytelling communications skills 

  • The relevance of words and the essence of web writing
  • 7 S theory
  • Rhythm and repetition
  • The plot, the hero and happy ending
  • Story and story telling : The R pattern – R > RR > RRR > RRR > RR > R


    Exercise (individually) – Summarize a text of 1.000 characters into one of 100 with an unforgettable title

    Testimonial - #1 International guest




Session 0
Hours of lesson: 4
Instructor: R. Cocco


Lesson  3

Narrative communication and interaction techniques

  • Compare narrative techniques
  • Words, Images, Sounds – the multisensorial experience of the customer through stories
  • The power of reframing: change the story , changing the point of view 
  • Readers and audience emotional responses
  • The integrity of narrative structure based on content
  • Leverage digital media to emphasize stories


    Exercise (in team) – Use of representational systems (visual, auditorial , kynestetic) to write a story

    Exercise (in team) – Select a Business Profile (corporate, company, product, person, initiative, …) and re-write it in a narrative perspective

    Testimonial - #2 International guest


Session 0
Hours of lesson: 4
Instructor: S. Muccio


Lesson 4

Looking forward … storybranding

  • The courage to tell the truth
  • The goal of gaining Trust sharing organizations values
  • Storyboarding with PowerPoint / Sway / Prezi / Video / Podcast
  • Storybranding to engage people and develop sense of belonging


    Final Project: Prepare a draft of storybranding textbook



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