A93120 Strategic Entrepreneurship Advanced

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2019/20 Second Semester

Docente TitolareFred Van Eenennaam
OfficeBuilding M11 wing 1, Second floor

Learning Objectives

The Microeconomics of Competitiveness Program was developed at Harvard Business School by Professor Michael Porter and a team of colleagues and is designed to be taught at universities around the world. This Strategic Entrepreneurship Advanced course adds to this program by taking the business and entrepreneurs view using 4 different cases.

Course objective is to train future leaders of business and government in strategic entrepreneurship. 

Course Content

Four different companies representing 4 different clusters/sectors are studied and discussed. The perspective are the decision /moments of truth the different CEOs/Entrepreneurs have or are facing.

How they deal with or could have dealt with these faces of transition is the core focus of the “entrepreneurial spirit” required to navigate in these circumstances. We will discuss whether the location or cluster of these companies has had a positive or negative effect on their development.

Course Delivery

The sessions consist of a case discussion, followed by a lecture or discussion on the key concepts. Sessions will take up to 2 hours of case discussion and 1 hour of reviewing concepts/ideas. 

The course is taught using the case method, together with readings and lectures. The case method requires extensive advance preparation by students for each class. Grading will be clarified at the first session.


Course Evaluation

Attending students: active participation (30%) + final written exam (70%)

Not attending students: individual assignment (100%)

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