N91328 Manufacturing Systems

Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale
Scheda Insegnamento
Anno Accademico 2019/20 Secondo Semestre

Docente TitolareLuigi Uglietti
UfficioEdificio Torre Piano Terra

Obiettivi di apprendimento attesi

The course aims to give students basic knowledge of design issues of production systems. In particular, teaching aims to equip students with basic knowledge of:

     The technical organization of production systems
     The performance indices that characterize them
     The principles of design and sizing

Teaching also includes the introduction of some major production technologies

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

At the end of the course the student will gain knowledge and understanding about:

     The characteristics of the different types of production systems (both for process productions and for manufacturing productions)
     The skills needed to interact effectively with other business functions involved in plant project
     The technological evolution that is in place and the impact they have on manufacturing systems

Contenuti dell’insegnamento

Module 1 - Introduction to Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Technologies

    Introduction to the industrial scenario
    Introduction to production systems
    Introduction to the design of production systems
    Classification of production systems
    Introduction to manufacturing facilities
    Production Technologies

Module 2 - Dynamics and performance measurement of production systems

    Introduction to Dynamics and Performance Measurement of Production Systems
    Internal, external performance; Little Law

Module 3 - Dimensioning of Production Systems

    Sizing of manufacturing cells
    Sizing process plants
    Assembly systems
    Calculation of time and definition of working and assembling methods
    Layout analysis

Module 4 - Automated Systems

    Classification of automated production systems
    Numerical control
    Automation of process productions
    Automation of manufacturing productions: flexible manufacturing systems
    Automation of manufacturing productions: flexible assembly systems
    Industrial Robots

Module 5 - Advanced Techniques for Designing Production Systems

Metodologia Didattica

Frontal lessons and exercises will be carried out for the application of the techniques presented. Visits to some companies will be carried out

Modalità con cui viene accertata l’effettiva acquisizione dei risultati di apprendimento.

Examination is subject to a written test. During the year, case studies can be assigned, the resolution of which will contribute to the formulation of the final vote.

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