Guida dello studente: Laurea Magistrale in Economia Aziendale e Management A.A. 2018/19

LM in Economia Aziendale e Management - International Business Management - English version

This pathway is totally taught in English.
For being admitted to this pathway students need TOEFL IBT exam with score 85/120 (or equivalent certification) or to have completed an academic year held in English.

Global Markets and Economic Policies 12 SECS-P/01 I
International Marketing 8 SECS-P/08 I
Quantitative Methods for Economics, Finance and Management 8 SECS-S/01 I
Corporate Citizenship for a Global Firm 6 SECS-P/07 II
Doing Business around the World 8 SECS-P/08 II
Global Corporate Entrepreneurship 6 SECS-P/08 II
International Financial and Foreign Exchange Markets 6 SECS-P/11 II
English language / BEC
3 - Annual

Corporate Governance [English version] 6 SPS/09 I
Intercultural Competences 3 - I or II
International Business Law 6 IUS/04 I
International Strategy & Multinational Corporation 6 ING-IND/35 II
Research Thesis [1] 18
- II
Research Methods [English version] 2 - I

[1] Alternatively:
Applied research Thesis
- II
Stage 6 - I or II
Students opting for Applied research Thesis must conduct an internship of at least 300 hours in 12 weeks getting 12 CFU (6 CFU for “A90077 Stage” that replace another course and 6 CFU for “A99124 Internship”). This choice is conditioned by the availability of host firms in the scheduled period.

The pathway is completed with additional curriculum chosen for a total of at least 22 credits to be followed in any semester of the biennium. At least 6 of these credits must always be related to the curriculum of the SSD SECS-P/07, SECS-P/08, SECS-P/10, SECS-P/11 (also in the event that a student chooses the option with more training stages than specified) and at least six must be related to a training taught in English. Students must chose the list of courses they intend to attend and the exam to take in order to obtain the relative credits, as specified in the course regulation. The full list of courses in English varies from year to year, but it always ensures the opportunity for students to get all the credits related to courses belonging to SSD in English.

Syllabus of courses (A.Y. 18-19): Year I - Year II

Experience Abroad
Students who choose this pathway are highly recommended to spend at least one semester of study abroad at a partner university.

Option with placement
Students who have earned at least 45 credits, can replace 6 credits of 6 credits by either conducting a stage at an institution, enterprise, or institution in Italy or abroad, with a minimum duration of 150 hours over at least 6 weeks.