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Raj Pant, Dipak
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Edificio Cantoni Primo Piano

Telefono: 0331 572277
Fax: 0331 572382

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Curriculum Vitae

Titoli di studio:
1987: Doctoratus (Ph.D.) – summa cum laude – Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome (Italy)
1983: Licentiam (M.Phil.) – magna cum laude – Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome
1979: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
1978: Senior Cadet Pilot Officer, indian Air Force (No. 7 UP Air Squadron NCC, Varanasi).
1974: School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C.), Birendra High School, Nepal
Posizioni presso la LIUC:
Senior faculty member (professor) - School of Economics and Management
Posizioni presso altre università:
2017: Visiting Professor, JiShou University, JiShou (HuNan), China

2015-2016: Visiting Professor, Nan Hua University, Dalin (ChiaYi), Taiwan

2013-2014: guest professor, National Chench-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan

2007-2017: guest professor (graduate seminars on local development planning), University of Trento, Trent, Italy

2010-2012: campus planning advisor, University of Makeni, Makeni, Sierra Leone

2010: visiting professor, Universidad de Vigo, Vigo, Spain (seminars on sustainability)

2009: visiting professor, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem (N.C.), USA (lectures and seminars in Applied Anthropology)

2008: senior expert, Division pour le développement de la cohésion sociale (Directorat General III), Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

2008: guest professor, Mongolia State University of Agriculture, Ulan Bator, Mongolia (seminars on sustainable rural development)

2008: guest speaker, American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA (contributions in the Spring Symposium on the links between bio-diversity and ethno-diversity)

2008: guest professor, University College Ghent, Ghent, Belgium (lectures on sustainability)

2007: visiting professor, St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies (lectures on human ecology and economic development)
2007: guest speaker, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA (seminars on cultural and biological cultural diversity conservation in the marginal human habitats)

2007: guest professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain (lectures on sustainable economic development)

2006: visiting professor, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin, China (lectures on sustainability and business management)

2006: guest professor, Universidade Federal do Piaui, Teresina (Piaui), Brazil (lectures on sustainable rural development)

2006: guest professor, Domus Academy, Milan, Italy (political ecology of civic design and urban management)

2006: guest professor, Creighton University, Omaha, USA (seminar on sustainability)

2005: visiting professor, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Trujillo (La Libertad), Peru (lectures on sustaianble rural development)

2000-‘03: senior international associate, Environmental Health and Social Policy Research Center, Seattle, USA (contributions in field survey and collaborative scenario planning)

2002: guest professor, University of Turin, Turin, Italy (lectures in Applied Anthropology)

2001: guest professor, University of North London Business School, (now London Metropolitan University), London, UK (contributions in field survey methods)

1999: guest professor, Joenkoeping International Business School, Joenkoeping, Sweden (seminar on Ethnography’s role in qualitative research in business and management studies)

1992: guest lecturer, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany (contributions in the seminars on Ethnography and Ecology of the central Himalayas)

1991: guest speaker, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK (contributions in the seminars on Ethnography/Ecology of the central Himalayas).
Attività di ricerca:
1) Sustainable economic policy and management; sustainable development planning

2) Extreme Lands Program: field survey at the edge of Anthroposphere, of the marginal human habitats (highlands, Tundra, Taiga, steppes, savannah, swamps and marshes, deserts, remote islands…): the environmental, socio-demographic and economic situation and prospects of the communities dwelling in the remote but historically inhabited places that transcend conventional politico-administrative frontiers where ethno-diversity and bio-diversity have been mutually sustaining (the role of local communities as ecological sentinels).
Empirical assessment of the implications of environmental change, climate uncertainties and global market

3) Sustainability and Business Management

4) Theoretical issues: interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exploration of ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellness’ concepts, criteria and measurability – based on the analysis of the native adaptive survival strategy in the extreme lands (as a source of scientific hypothesis).

5) Methodological concerns: role of Human Ecology and Ethnography, and refinement of the qualitative methods for economics and business studies.
Esperienze professionali:
2015-2016: Post-earthquake recovery and sustainable development planning in the central Himalayas, Nepal (project "Healing the Himalayas").

2015: Strategic foresight exercise with steel industry leaders of Brescia(progetto "Acciaio & Industria 2030" of SiderWeb)

2013-2014: ideazione, scrittura di trama e regia di un film documentario di carattere scientifico "Into the Extreme Lands, in Search of Sustainability (in lingua inglese), filmato sugli esperimenti di sviluppo locaqle tra le comunità dei pastori nomadi delle steppe e della taiga di Mongolia.

2000-present (on-going): initiator and scientific coordinator of Extreme Lands Program / Programma Terre Estreme (field survey, strategic foresight and sustainable development planning in the most marginal, remote and difficult human habitats such as highlands, taiga, steppes, desert, swamps and marshes…) - a permanent research and service-learning platform of the Interdisciplinary Unit for Sustainable Economy, Università Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC, Italy) – with the financial support from private and non-governmental organizations of Italy and Europe and, occasionally, from public agencies of Italy and European Union.

2010-2012: advisor for sustainable campus development planning, University of Makeni, Makeni (Bombali, Northern Province), Sierra Leone.

2008-2011: head of the scientific and technical partner-team, EU-TransMongolia Partnership for Sustainable Tourism and Related Businesses Development project (training to local officials and business-persons for rural business incubators); financed by the EU (EuropeAid Asia-Invest program), in collaboration with the Government of Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s administration (China), Chamber of Commerce of Milan (Italy), Rural Investment Support Centre (Mongolia), Slovenia’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Asian Encounters (NGO, Hong Kong).

2008-2009: field training on monitoring and evaluation (sustainability check-up of the local development projects) to Asian NGO officers in Phnom Penh and Sinhanoukville (Cambodia), organized by MANI TESE (NGO), Italy.

2007: head of the field-survey and advisory service mission for sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism development in the tropical Andes (Misiòn Tierras Extremas de los Andes Tropicales), financed by the Directorate General for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Government of Italy), in collaboration with the Government of Venezuela.

2006-2007: scientific coordinator of Progetto Bussola – Comunità Eco-Tech – Marzio ValGanna (economic and cultural revival plan for an Alpine village in decline), commissioned by Provincia (provincial administration) of Varese, Italy.

2006: member of the planning advisory service mission for sustainable micro-gardening and food security in the rural areas of Piaui (Brazil), in collaboration with the University of Padua (Italy), Prefeitura Municipal of Teresina, Universidade Federal do Piaui, FUNACI (NGO), State of Piaui (Brazil) and Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome (UN).

2005-2006: scientific coordinator of Progetto Bussola – Settore Estetico,(eco/socio-compatible strategies for the small businesses in personal care industry), commissioned by Confartigianato Lombardo (Confederation of Italian Craft Associations), Milan (Italy).

2005: head of the field-survey and advisory service mission for rural development planning in Armenia (Project Marmashen), financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Government of Italy) and in collaboration with the Marzpetaran (regional administration) of Shirak and the government of Armenia.

2004-2006: coordinator of Progetto Bussola – Tursimo Sostenibile a Como (sustainable urban tourism development master plan), Comune (municipal administration) of Como, Italy.

2002-2004: coordinator of Progetto Bussola per Ghemme (sustainable local development planning), Comune of Ghemme (NO), Italy.

1999-2001: member of field-survey and advisory service mission, in collaboration with CSDCA Venice (Italy) and the National Board for Historical Monuments, Government of Armenia.

1998: field surveyor in China for the inter-university economic studies program, with the grant from National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) of Italy, in collaboration with Bocconi University (Milan) and with the University of Pisa, Italy.

1996-1997: field surveyor (“Fog as the new water resource for the sustainable development of the Peruvian and Chilean coastal desert”: European Commission’s science, technology and development program (STD 3TS*); in collaboration with the universities of Padua and Florence (Italy), Arequipa (Perù), Toulouse (France) and Santiago (Chile).

1996-1997: coordinator of rural business survey; commissioned by Confartigianato (craft association) and Comunità Montana (consortium of upland municipalities) of Luino (Varese), Italy

1995-1996: field surveyor and member of land-use planning commission (comitato tecnico per il Piano Regolatore Generale), Comune (municipal administration) of Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno), Italy.

1993-1994: field-surveyor and planning advisor (agriculture and rural infrastructures development); on behalf of ManiTese (NGO, Italy), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - Government of Cambodia, Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

1988-1991: field surveyor and planning advisor, Dhading District Development Project in collaboration with Government of Nepal, Agriculture Development Bank of Nepal, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ, Germany), Kathmandu (Nepal).
Principali pubblicazioni:
Forthcoming (2018): “Sustainable Livelohoods in the Extreme Lands: Local Development Strategies for the Marginal, Remote and Difficult Human Terrains”, in Kingsolver, A. & Balasundaram, S.(eds.). PROCEEDINGS OF GLOBAL MOUNTAIN REGIONS CONFERENCE, University Press, Lexington (USA).

Forthcoming (2018): "Contrasting Industrial decline through Civic Activism of the Entrepreneurs in Italy", in : International Journal of Business Anthropology, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK/The Netherlands/China.

2016: "Healing the Himalayas: Proposal of Strategy, technology and Finance for Post-earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and renaissance in Nepal", LIUC, Italy

2014: "Into the Extreme Lands, in Search of Sustainability", (script writing and direction) of a video documentary about an experimental project among in the steppes and taiga of Mongolia (trailer:

2014: “Management Consulting in Times of Austerity: Sustainability and the Business-Place-Community Nexus in Italy” in Denny, R. & Sunderland, P. (eds.) HANDBOOK OF ANTHROPOLOGY IN BUSINESS, Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek (USA)

2013: Managing the global waste in the 21st century: As an anthropologist views it, LIUC PAPER (monograph in the ECONOMIA & IMPRESA series) no. 263, Università Carlo Cattaneo, Castellanza (VA), Italy

2009: “Il futuro dell’acqua” (“The Future of Water”) in Regis, F.T. (ed.), SESIA. STORIA E STORIE DI FIUME (“SESIA: HISTORY AND TALES OF A RIVER) , special issue of DE VALLE SICIDA, Anno XX, no. 1/2009, Società Valsesiana di Cultura, Borgosesia (Italy)

2007: “Re-positioning Nepal in global public opinion and markets: Place-branding for sustainable economic development”, in: Keith Dinnie (ed.), NATION BRANDING: CONCEPTS, ISSUES, PRACTICE, Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier), Oxford/Amsterdam

2007: “La città sostenibile del futuro e il futuro delle città (insostenibili): riflessioni” (“The sustainable city of future, and the future of the non sustainable cities”), in: A. C. di Spaccaforno, M. Santorani & C. Vaccà (eds.), ARCHITETTURA DELLA CITTÀ: QUALITÀ DEL VIVERE (“Urban Architecture and the Quality ofLife”), Ed. Marietti, Genova (Italy)

2005: “A place brand strategy for the Republic of Armenia: ‘Quality of Context’ and ‘sustainability’ as competitive advantage”, in JOURNAL OF PLACE BRANDING, Palgrave Macmillan (formerly Henry Stewart Publications), London (UK), Vol.1, No.3, July, pp. 273-282.

2001: “The Use of Fog as a New Water Resource: Possible Applications” (in co-authrorship with Giorgio Franceshcetti, edited by G.Franceschetti), UniPress, Padua (Italy)

2001: “European Integration Process, as an Asian Anthropologist Views It”, in: D. Schmidt (ed.), ANTROPOLOGIA DEL GRIGIO, UniPress, Padua (Italy)

1999: “On China’s villages, rural industries and technological development”, in: J.B. Greenberg & T. K. Park (editors), the JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECOLOGY, vol. VII, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA), University of Arizona, Tucson (USA)

1998: "Review of 'Earth's Insights: A Multicultural Survey of Ecological Ethics from the Mediterranean Basin to the Australian Outback’…", in: J.B. Greenberg & T. K. Park (eds), in the JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECOLOGY, vol. V, BARA, University of Arizona, Tuscon (USA)

1997: "Riflessioni sul rapporto uomo, religione e ambiente: origini, ragioni e modalità della sacralizzazione del territorio" (“Reflections on the ‘man-religion-environment’ relationships: sacred spaces and land-use”) , in: L. Venturini (ed.), COMUNITÀ, SACRO E TERRITORIO IN VAL DI VARA, Provinvia (Provincial Administration) of La Spezia (Italy)

1995: "Higher education and liberal values in Nepal", in EUROPEAN BULLETIN OF HIMALAYAN RESEARCH, IX, Seminar fur Ethnologie (SudAsien Institut), University of Heidelberg (Germany)

1993: "Religion, society and state in Nepal", in: OCCASIONAL PAPERS IN SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY, III, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu (Nepal)

1992: "Popolazione ed organizzazione sociale in India" (“Demography and social organization in India”), in: Mani Tese (ed.), ASIA SCONOSCIUTA, Ed. Sonda, Turin (Italy)

1992: "Early Christian Missions in the Himalayas", in: EUROPEAN BULLETIN OF HIMALAYAN RESEARCH, IV, Seminar fur Ethnologie (SudAsien Institut), University of Heidelberg (Germany)

1988: "Premise, problems and prospects of ethnic studies in Nepal", in: ANCIENT NEPAL (Department of Archaeology, Government of Nepal), n. 103, Kathmandu (Nepal).

Volumes (as author/editor/co-editor):

2009: Bussola per la Comunità Eco-Tech in Marzio ValGanna (“A compass for eco-tech community in Marzio ValGanna”), in co-authorship with Dr. Mark Brusati, synthesis of an applied research for economic and cultural revival plan of an Alpine village in the Province of Varese, published by the Municipal Administration of Marzio, Varese (Italy)

2007: Wellness: strategie imprenditoriali per il settore benessere (“Wellness: new eco/socio-compatible business strategies for the fitness and aesthetic care sector”), CONFARTIGIANATO Lombardo (Confederation of Italian Craft and Cottage Industries, Lombardy) and Regional Administration (Regione) of Lombardy, Milan (Italy)

2007: Bussola per Como: analisi, valutazioni, scenari e strategie per lo sviluppo sostenibile del turismo e della cultura (“A compass for Como: assessment, foresight and strategies for the sustainable development of tourism and culture-related businesses”), published by the Municipality (Comune) of Como (Italy)

2004: Antropologia e Strategia: Saggio sull’essere umano e sull’economia sostenibile (“Anthropology and Strategy: Essay on Human Being and Sustainable Economy”), Guerini Scientifica series, Editore Guerini, Milan (Italy)

2004: Bussola per Ghemme: scenari e strategie per la prosperità sostenibile (“A compass for Ghemme: foresight and strategies for sustainable prosperity”), Municipal Administration (Comune)of Ghemme, Novara (Italy)

2002: Armenia, the Next Economy: an Interdisciplinary Future-view (as lead author and in co-editor), Crespi Editore, Cassano Magnago, Varese (Italy)

2000: The Armenian Scenarios: Strategic Foresight of Security, Business and Culture in the Republic of Armenia, Crespi Editore, C. Magnago, Varese (Italy)

1999: Two Decades of International Investment in the People's Republic of China, LIUC Papers, 62, Università Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC), Castellanza (Italy)

1998: Cultura, Economia e Business (“Culture, Economy and Business”), editor and lead author (with F. Alberti, P. Lossa, L. Gaetano & V. Minazzi), Guerini, Milan (Italy)

1997: Anthropology and Business (with F. Alberti), LIUC Paper No. 42, Università Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC), Castellanza (Italy)

1989: Aspects of Rural Communication in Nepal (as editor and lead author), Srijana Press, Kathmandu (Nepal)

1988: Il mondo della maschera : saggio antropologico sul simbolismo magico-religioso della maschera (“The World of Mask : an Anthropological Essay on the magico-religious Symbolism of Mask”), ECDP - Heliopolis, Pesaro and Milan (Italy).


2010: “Piccoli Luoghi, la Next Economy” (“Small Places, the Next Economy”), editorial page in VALORI (Anno 10, numero 79), monthly review of social economy, ethical finance and sustainability, Milan (Italy)

2008: “L’economia sostenibile, il mercato globale ed il mondo delle piccole e medie imprese italiane” (“Sustainable economy, global market and the world of small and medium industries of Italy”), in: API COMO NEWS (bulletin of the association of small and medium industries of Como), Como (Italy)

2007: “I cambiamenti del clima: di sicuro c’è solo l’incertezza” (“Climate change: only uncertainty is certain”), in: CHE COSA CI RISERVA IL FUTURO: IL CLIMA CHE VERRÀ, special issue of CAPITALIA (now merged in the UniCedit Banking Group), Rome (Italy)

2006: Trialogo (“Trialogue”), Edizioni il Filo, Rome (Italy)

2006: “La integrazione degli immigrati stranieri in Italia” (Foreign immigrants’ integration in Italy”), in: CREDERE OGGI, Edizioni il Messaggero di S. Antonio, Padua (Italy)

2005: “Caste e Induismo: la dimensione sociale e la dottrina essenziale” (“Castes and Hindusim: the social dimension and the essence of doctrines”), in: CREDERE OGGI, Edizioni il Messaggero di San Antonio, Padua (Italy)

2003: “L’etica ai limiti dell’esistenza: l’arte del morire nella prospettiva buddista” (“Ethics at the edge of existence: dying in Buddhist perspective”), in: Morandini & Pegoraro (eds.), ALLA FINE DELLA VITA: RELIGIONI E BIOETICA, Fondazione Lanza & Gregoriana Editrice, Padua (Italy)

2001: “Globalizzazione & Next Economy”, in OLTRE , no. 4, Ed. Italia Crea, Milan (Italy)

1998: "A proposito di giochi..." (“Apropos of the games...”), in Sigrid Loos (ed.), IL GIRO DEL MONDO IN 101 GIOCHI, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Turin (Italy)

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1997: "La bioetica tra Oriente e Occidente" (“Bioethics between East and West”), in: M. Ventura (ed.), L'ETICA DEI GIORNI FERITI, Pro Civitate Cristiana (Cittadella), Assisi (Italy)

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1994: "Scienza di vita, arte di morire" (“Science of life, art of dying”), in: A. Falaschi (ed.), 2000 GIORNI AL 2000, III, Turin (Italy).
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