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Giangreco, Antonio
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Edificio M11 Ala 1 Piano terra

Fax: 0331 572412

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Curriculum Vitae

Titoli di studio:
• Université de Lille I, IAE (France), Public Research Direction Accreditation (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches HDR).
• LSE The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), Department of Industrial Relations, Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy).
• SDA Bocconi (Italy), MBA Master in Business Administration.
• Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy), Master of Science (Laurea Specialistica) in Management and Business Consultancy.
• Mercy College (USA), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Management.
Posizioni presso la LIUC:
Visiting Professor
Posizioni presso altre università:
Professor in HRM & OB
IESEG School of Management
Catholic University of Lille (France)
Principali pubblicazioni:
• DELLA TORRE E., SALIMI, M. and A. GIANGRECO (2019). Crowding-Out or Crowding-In? Direct Voice, Performance-Related Pay and Organizational Innovation in European Firms. Human Resources Management (IF: 2.843; FT list), forthcoming.
• DE COUCK M., CAERS R., MUSCH L., FLIEGAUF J., GIANGRECO A. and Y. GIDRON (2019). How Breathing Can Help You Make Better Decisions: Two Studies on the Effects of Breathing Patterns on Heart Rate Variability and Decision-Making in Business Cases. International Journal of Psychophysiology, forthcoming.
• DELLA TORRE E., GIANGRECO A., VAKKAYIL J. and W. LEGEAIS (2018). “Do Italians Really Do It Better?” Evidence of Migrant Pay Disparities in the Top Italian Football League, European Management Review (IF: 1.333), 15(1): 121-136.
• BHOOLA V. and A. GIANGRECO (2018). HR Activities and Practices for Project Success: A Multimethod Approach from Indian IT Firms. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 22: 1-29.
• MOLA L., RUSSO I., GIANGRECO A. and C. ROSSIGNOLI (2017). “Who Knows What?” Reconfiguring the Governance and the Capabilities of the Supply Chain between Physical and Digital Processes in the Fashion Industry, Production Planning & Control (IF: 2.369), 28(16): 1284-1297.
• VAKKAYIL J., DELLA TORRE E. and A. GIANGRECO (2017). “It is not how it looks!” Exploring Managerial Perspectives on Employees Wellbeing, European Management Journal (IF: 2.481), 35(4): 548-562.
• SEBASTIANO A., BELVEDERE V., GRANDO A. and A. GIANGRECO (2017). The Effect of Capacity Management Strategies on Employee Well-being: A Quantitative Investigation into the Long-term Healthcare Industry, European Management Journal (IF: 2.481), 35(4): 563-583.
• MOLA L., ROSSIGNOLI C., CARUGATI A. and A. GIANGRECO (2015). Business Intelligence System Design and its Consequences for Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, and Decision-Making: An Exploratory Study, International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, 11(4):1-18.
• DELLA TORRE E., GIANGRECO A. and J. MAES (2014). Show Me the Money! Pay Structure and Individual Performance in Golden Teams, European Management Review (IF: 0.9), 11: 85-100. EMR Best Paper Awards 2014.
• SLAVICH B., CAPPETTA R. and A. GIANGRECO (2014). Exploring the Link between Human Resource Practices and Turnover in Multi-Brand Companies: The Role of Brand Units' Images, European Management Journal (IF: 0.817), 32: 177-189.
• GIANGRECO A., GOETHALS F. and J. MAES (2013). An Exploration of the Research/Teaching Trade-Off in the Perception of Students, European Management Review (IF: 0.9), 10: 69–81.
• SMITH P., CUNHA J., GIANGRECO A., VASILAKI A. and A. CARUGATI (2013). The Threat of Dis-identification for HR Practices: An Ethnographic Study of a Merger, European Management Journal (IF: 0.817), 31(3): 308-321.
• VASILAKI A., SMITH P., GIANGRECO A. and A. CARUGATI (2012). On the Counterintuitive Consequences of High-Performance Work Practices in Cross-Border Post-Merger Human Integration, European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, 2(3/4): 299-318.
• DEJAEGER K., GOETHALS F., GIANGRECO A., MOLA L. and B. BAESENS (2012). Gaining Insight into Student Satisfaction Using Comprehensible Data Mining Techniques, European Journal of Operational Research (5 year IF: 2.595), 218: 548-562.
• GIANGRECO A., CARUGATI A., SEBASTIANO A. and H. AL TAMIMI (2012). War Outside, Ceasefire Inside: An Analysis of the Performance Appraisal System of a Public Hospital in a Zone of Conflict, Evaluation and Program Planning (5 year IF: 1.323), 35(1): 161-170.
• CANATO A. and A. GIANGRECO (2011) Gurus or Wizards? A review of the role of management consultants, European Management Review (IF: 0.9), 8(4): 231-244. EMR Best Paper Awards 2011
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