A78618 Financial investment & pricing

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Anno Accademico 2018/19

Programma analitico:   Exam second part 2015 (28K)
Lezioni:   Introduction (258K)
Portfolio approach (2961K)
lesson 3, interest rates, duration (2962K)
Coupon bonds (1114K)
Term structure of interest rates (187K)
BTP 50 years, annuities (1494K)
pricing equities (6448K)
CAPM (6827K)
Options (210K)
Commodities (1565K)
Casi:   btp 50 years (41K)
BTP inflation linked (103K)
inflation linked (281K)
Esercizi:   Capital increase (51K)
Equity valuation (53K)
excercises (25K)
exercises (71K)
previous years exam 2014 (42K)
home assignement 2015 (19K)
previous exam 2015 (51K)
excercise (54K)
Exercise midterm 2018 (15K)
exercise bonds (25K)
trading game 2018 (40K)
Final exam 2016 (30K)
Temi d'esame:   Midterm Exam 2018 (22K)
Leggi:   Markowitz biography (131K)
Government yields (404K)
p/e and other ratios (19K)
bitcoins, criptocurrency by BIS (452K)