A83021 Global Markets and Economic Policies

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Anno Accademico 2015/16

Lezioni:   Globalization (1189K)
Helg exchange rate and interest rate (497K)
Helg Topics chpt 6 (388K)
Helg Optimal Currency Area Euro (549K)
Helg FT EURO (2409K)
Costanzo 5.1 (613K)
Costanzo 5.2 (768K)
Helg Exchange rate and prices (399K)
Costanzo 6 (443K)
Helg Topics chpt 7 (292K)
Helg Topics chpt 8 (450K)
Helg Topics Chpt 9 (320K)
Temi d'esame:   Sample exam (72K)
Last year sample exam (60K)
Varie:   Exercises 2015 Topics (24K)
groups and presentation schedule (13K)