E88760 Strat. Pol. Aziendale 2 (Strategy Self Renewal)

Materiale di supporto al corso


Anno Accademico 2002/03

Lezioni:   Lecture 1 Alberti (growth of SMEs) (1347K)
Lecture 1 Alberti (Churchill & Lewis model) (105K)
Material from P. Reinmoeller (31K)
NOTICE!! Rules for the COURSE PAPER (55K)
Lecture 3 (Alberti) - Renewal in family firms (359K)
Lecture 2 (Sciascia) - Technology as a driver for change (588K)
Lecture 4 (Sciascia) - Corporate Entrepreneurship (269K)
Exam instructions for this course. (54K)
Solutions to the Quebecor Case discussion (57K)
Last Lecture (Alberti) on Dynamic Capabilities and Alessi Example. (393K)
Casi:   Case study of Zobele (TEXT) to be read before Thursday lecture and discussed Thursday in class (231K)
Zobele Case Discussion and Solutions (61K)
Temi d'esame:   Text of the case to be prepared for the EXAM. (ALESSI CASE STUDY) (78K)