N90400 Operations Management

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Anno Accademico 2018/19

Programma analitico:   Syllabus (27K)
Course presentation (505K)
Introduction and classification of production systems (4135K)
Syllabus updated 20190219 (28K)
Performance 1 (1632K)
Performance 2 (1579K)
Performance 3 (707K)
Performance 4 (1995K)
Performance 5 (1645K)
Syllabus update (28K)
Syllabus update 20190327 (33K)
Syllabus update 20190404 (33K)
Lezioni:   Production planning (2484K)
Inventory management (5446K)
Forecasting 1 (4427K)
Forecasting (part 2) (2841K)
Forecasting (part 3) (5343K)
MPS models (4365K)
MRP (6061K)
Production Scheduling (256K)
Kanban (2396K)
Esercizi:   Costs for decision making (3706K)