N91327 Innovation Management and New Product Development

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Anno Accademico 2017/18

Lezioni:   Lesson 18_Concerns and Challenges in R&D_Topics and References (365K)
Concerns and Challenges in R&D (1185K)
TRIZ Part 3 (665K)
TRIZ Part 2 (1274K)
TRIZ Part 1 (1723K)
Lesson 14_NPD and Commercialization_Topics and References (347K)
NPD process models and phases (1287K)
Lessons 12-13_R&D_Project Portfolio Definition_Topics and References (367K)
R&D Project Portfolio Definition (2) (1032K)
R&D Project Portfolio Definition (1) (754K)
Lesson 11_Technology Strategy - Acquisition_Topics and References (441K)
Technology Strategy - Acquisition (1210K)
Lesson 10_Technology Strategy - Selection_Timing_Topics and References (371K)
Technology Strategy - Selection_Timing (588K)
Lesson 7-8_Intellectual Property_Topics and References (367K)
Intellectual Property (5453K)
Lesson 5-6_Technology Intelligence_Part 2_Topics and References (368K)
Technology Intelligence Part 2 (647K)
Lesson 4_Technology Intelligence_Topics and References (411K)
Technology Intelligence (909K)
Lesson 3_Competitive Intelligence_Topics and References (263K)
Competitive Intelligence (1597K)
Lesson 2_The innovation process_Topics and References (255K)
The innovation process (509K)
Lesson 1_Basic concepts and definitions_Topics and References (277K)
Basic concepts and definitions (451K)
Technology Intelligence Sources (1598K)
Casi:   TRIZ Luggage Example (1275K)
Appunti:   R&D Performance Indicators (310K)
Ambidextrous Organization (482K)
Temi d'esame:   Data BBB (317K)
Data CHIMI (148K)
Data STAR (214K)
Varie:   Course Advices (184K)
Project Work (588K)