A88750 Strategic Analysis of Italian Business

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2013/14 Second Semester

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the student will be able:

a) To identify the key issues for the companies operating in the various sectors of the made in Italy;

b) To interpret strategic management;

c) To assess different strategic options for survival and growth;

d) To analyze strategic challenges coming from the international competition;

e) To address management issues from an international perspective.

Course Content

The course presents the "Made in Italy" system by exploring the richness of Italian industrial districts. The main focus is on "Made in Italy's" key industries: furniture, food and fashion. Furthermore, the course studies the managerial and organizational strategies of the best "Made in Italy's" companies giving the students the opportunity to meet managers and entrepreneurs. Finally, the course provides the student with an understanding of the current competitive environment in which "Made in Italy's" firms operate.

Course Delivery

The course is structured in two sessions per week. The basic content and the order of presentation will follow a modular concept. The sequence is mentioned in the session-wise teaching plan. Teaching sessions will include lectures, video films, student debates & live case discussions. Students are responsible to self-organize in groups, choose a made in Italy's company, look for relevant information, analyze the case study and present it to the rest of the class. The knowledge generated will be shared at the end of the course and will be part of the collective learning process. Students are responsible for consulting on a regular basis the website of the course on “my.liuc.it” where updates, additional material and slides about the course are posted. No excuse accepted for any failure during the course you may incur into due to a delayed consultation of the website.  


Course Evaluation

For students attending classes, grade is based on an individual written exam (60%) on required readings group work (30%) and class participation (10%).

For students non attending classes, grade is entirely based on an individual written exam on required readings.

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