IL0001 Italian Level 1

Academic Year 2013/14 First and Second Semester

Learning Objectives

This course is for all beginners who have had no previous exposure to Italian.

To the students will be given course material for use in class and for homework.

The lessons will be given in Italian, and only if necessary the teacher will give explanations in English.

The lessons will be based on a communicative approach and on everyday situations; the basic patterns and structures of the language will be pointed out, so that the students can acquire a basic knowledge and mastery of Italian.

Course Content


-Simple present of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and irregular verbs

-Personal pronouns subject Nouns and adjectives ending with -o/a and ending with -e

-Determinate and indeterminate articles

-Possessive adjectives and pronouns Interrogative pronouns

-Cardinal and ordinal numbers

-Personal pronouns direct object

-Present perfect of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and irregular verbs



- Family, Countries, nationalities

–Time, meals, weekdays, months, seasons, part of the day

-Human body and description of persons, clothes,

Communicative functions

-How to introduce oneself and other people

-How to greet

-How to accept or refuse an invitation

-How to ask time and thank Likes and dislikes

-How to ask for information

-How to converse what likes and dislikes

-How to converse formal and uninformed .

Course Delivery

Course Evaluation

There will be a written and oral exam at the end of the course

The frequency is compulsory for the entire course

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