A83702 Private and Public Law

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2014/15 Annual

Learning Objectives


The Private Law course  aims at allowing  students to get familiar with   the main principles of the Italian Private law, based on rules and principles mainly contained in the Italian Civil Code. At the end of the class students which have shown intellectual curiosity and commitment will be put in the conditions to handle the main legal tools useful for their career.

The course will be mainly dealing with those legal aspects which effect directly and indirectly the course of business of enterprises both physical and such as  legal entities. To the extent it is possible the course will not interfere with Commercial. Needless to it is a preparation to better apprehend Commercial and Company Law.

Students will be encouraged to discuss and learn in a very interactive way how principles and rules contained in the Civil Code have evolved through case laws to respond to the challenging  changes of global economic.

The Study of Contract law and generally the process of negotiations and interpretation of contracts related to the on-going  business will play a central role. 



At the end of the course, the student will be able:

  • to discuss about the Italian legal system, its general principles and the structure of powers;
  • to learn the main elements regarding the legal sources of EU law; 
  • to evaluate the impact of EU law on each national legal system;
  • to discuss about the ways EU law is implemented into national law;
  • to analyse the legislation regarding the Italian and EU external relations;
  • to discuss about the Italian judiciary system and the relevance of case law;
  • to analyse the ways administrative decisions may be legally enforced.

Learning targets

The student will gain knowledge and understanding of the institutes of private law more useful for those attending the course of business and economics.

Course Content


I will help you to manage the rules of the law relating to:

  1. Physical and legal entities;
  2. Family law;
  3. Heritage;
  4. Real estate, property, possess and detention;
  5. Right of credit and their form of circulation;
  6. General and specific contract (from M&A, EPC);
  7. Torts;
  8. Contractual liability;
  9. Statute of limitations;
  10. Publicity, and transcriptions of legal acts.



The course will have the following main contents.

  1. The forms of State;
  2. The international law (overall view) and the relationships between the international legal order and domestic legal order;
  3. The European integration's process and the European legal order (overall view);
  4. The system of the sources of law;
  5. The forms of government;
  6. The principles of Italian constitutional order;
  7. The Italian constitutional history;
  8. The fundamental rights;
  9. The referendum and the institutions of representative democracy;
  10. The Italian Legislative Power;
  11. The Italian President of the Republic;
  12. The Italian Executive Power;
  13. The Italian regional and local system of government;
  14. The Italian Public Administration system;
  15. The Italian Judiciary Power;
  16. The Italian judicial review of legislation and Constitutional Court.

Course Delivery

Lessons, materials and discussions to be given in English.

Course Evaluation

All examinations will be oral and in English.

Dictionaries will not be admitted.

It is required to bring at the exam the Italian Civil Code.

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