A55705 Strategic management

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2015/16 Second Semester

Docente TitolareFederico Visconti
OfficeVilla Jucker wing left, First floor
Phone0331 572214

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the student will be able:

  1. to identify a firm’s current strategy;
  2. to identify the link between business goals, operations and supply chain decisions;
  3. to evaluate how operational excellence supports business strategy;
  4. to acquire skills to map supply chain and to understand value creation process;
  5. to analyze internal and external environment of business strategy;
  6. to define and implement strategic action. 

Learning targets

Students will develop critical approach to company strategy and supply chain decisions: the analysis of past choices and perfomance will allow them to formulate new choices for better results.

Course Content

Poor performance is mostly caused by ineffective strategic management processes. The capability to analyze current strategies and to identify the link between business strategy and operations is therefore relevant for a firm’s survival and prosper. To this end, the course will provide appropriate coverage of the following topics:  

  1. The identification of current strategy;
  2. The analysis of internal and external environment of business strategy;
  3. The analysis of corporate level strategies and international strategies;
  4. Implementation of strategic action, creating shared value: leadership, governance, entrepreneurship;
  5. Identify the link between business strategy and operations: How to get the coherence between business goals and operations and supply chain decisions;
  6. The analysis of business strategy with operational excellence;
  7. Mapping supply chain and understanding the value creation process.

The course is aimed to provide the knowledge needed to deal with each of these issues at the business strategy level.


Course Delivery

The course will be divided in two modules. The first module will be focused on the link between business strategy, operations and supply chain decisions. For this part of the course the instructor will be professor Raffaele Secchi. The second part of the course will be focused on strategic management processes, identification of current strategies, implementation of strategic actions. The instructor of the second part of the course will be professor Michael Keller. Each section will be run under traditional format (lectures and case studies discussion) and interactive format (quick assignments and simulations). The instructors at the beginning of each module will explain in detail the assignments and simulation. Students not attending classes, instead of running such assignments, are called to study the first 6 chapters of the textbook:

Volberda, H.W., Morgan, R.E., Reinmoeller, P., Hitt, M.A., Ireland , R.D. & Hoskisson, R.E. (2012). “Strategic Management. Competitiveness & Globalization: Concepts Only”.

Students are responsible for consulting on regular basis the website of the course on “my.liuc.it” where updates, additional material and slides about the course are posted. 

No excuse accepted for any failure during the course you may incur into due to a delayed consultation of the website.


Course Evaluation

For students attending classes, grade is based on an individual written exam (60%) on required readings, and on the assignments (prof. Secchi assignment 20% and prof. Keller assignment 20%).

For students non attending classes, grade is entirely based on an individual written exam on the required chapters of the textbook.

The written exam for the attending students will be a multiple choice test with 18 questions. For not attending students  the written exam will be a multiple choice test with 30 questions.

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