IE1020 International Business Communication

Academic Year 2015/16 First and Second Semester

Learning Objectives

This course is designed for both Italian students nearing graduation and non-mother tongue English foreign students who wish to gain specific skills that they will be able to use in the international workplace. The purpose of the course is to strengthen and address specific skills that are required to work successfully in a multinational environment. These include creating a winning CV, writing an effective cover letter, using effective presentation skills, learning interviewing techniques and being able to assess personal skills. Ways to effectively introduce oneself and/or one's company will also be studied.

Learning targets

- Learn how to assess personal skills and experience in order to write highly effective CVs and cover letters.
- Learn presentations format and techniques for successful presentations delivery.
- Study and practice interviewing skills.

Course Content

Course Delivery

Course Evaluation

Final grade will be based on the total number of points earned from completing weekly assignments and the final exam.

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