L16003 Lingua Inglese (Inglese Giuridico)

Scuola di Diritto
Academic Year 2016/17 Annual

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course students will be able to pass one of the international legal English examinations: TOLES ( Test of Legal English Skills) or ILEC ( International Legal English Certificate).

Learning targets

Students will acquire ability to

a)   Read texts from different legal sources at an intermediate / advanced level (B1/C1) and deal with a variety of exam tasks.

b)   Develop legal terminology and deal with a variety of exam tasks

c)   Complete / write concise and coherent texts in dealing with legal correspondence

d)   Give a short presentation on a legal topic (B2/C1 level); present and discuss international legal issues orally (B2/C1 level)

e)   Develop listening skills and deal with a variety of exam tasks.(B2/C1)

Course Content

In-depth study of legal language related to topics studied in L99966.

Study and practice of exam-type tasks.

Course Delivery

The course is divided into TOLES preparation and ILEC preparation modules:

TOLES Preparation modules: Dedicated to level B1+/B2 exam preparation in reading and writing ( exam sessions: November, January, March June)

ILEC Preparation modules: dedicated to level B2/C1 exam preparation in all four skills (exam sessions: January, May/June)

Course Evaluation

Students are required to take and pass an internal simulated (mock) examination before enrolling for the TOLES exam.

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