N91312 Project Management - English Version

Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale
Academic Year 2017/18 Second Semester

Docente TitolareEnrico Cagno
Office"Torre" (main tower), 1st floor

Learning Objectives

The course aims at developing the knowledge necessary to apply the basic Project Management techniques and tools to complex projects, with particular reference to the engineering and contracting sector. The course deals with the general aspects of project planning and control. In particular, techniques and tools are applied to typical engineering & contracting projects. The course will enable the student to take part effectively in a complex project.

Learning targets

Course Content

- Project and Project Management: Repetitive and non-repetitive processes. Project: features, types, success factors, performance indicators, stakeholders. Project life cycle. Operational, managerial and organizational processes. Project, program and portfolio.
- Scope planning and control: Work Breakdown Structure. Rules and logics for building the project WBS. Work package. Standardization of WP. Scope control.
- Time management: Network analysis, early and late schedule, total float. Activity duration and resource allocation. Resource scheduling. Uncertainty management. PERT approach. CIM approach. Simulation. Schedule control.
- Progress management: physical and economical progress. S curves.
- Cost management: cost classification, cost estimating, cost baseline, cost control. Project cash flow.
- Earned Value Management: integrated control of project time and cost. Project performance. Estimate to complete. Final performance of the project.
- Project risk analysis and management: identification of threats and opportunities, classification, assessment and identification and implementation of response actions. Quantitative analysis of project risks.
- Project Procurement: Procurement phases. Contract administration. Procurement organization.

Course Delivery

Tutorials are made by exercises based on the content of the lessons.

Course Evaluation

Credits are obtained after passing a written examination related to the topics declared in the official program of the Course.

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