A14904 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Scuola di Economia e Management
Laboratorio Esperienziale
Academic Year 2018/19 Second Semester

Docente TitolareMario Alberto Varon Garrido
OfficeBuilding M11 wing 1, Second floor

Learning Objectives

This course will expose students to the field of social entrepreneurshhip and innovations by learning from the experience of social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions to address social problems. Students will also understand the world's most pressing problems, identify hidden opportunitties for innovation and design creative solutions that can improve the state of the world.

During this course students will attend lectures, analyze social entrepreneurship case studies and develop a group project.

Required Readings

Course Evaluation

Attending Students:

Active class participation (10%), team mid revision presentation (30%), course final project (60%)

Non-Attending Students: 

Book: Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works - Roger L. Martin

 2 Cases Analysis

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