A95324 Marketing [English version]

Scuola di Economia e Management
Scheda Insegnamento
Anno Accademico 2019/20 Secondo Semestre

Docente TitolareChiara Mauri
UfficioEdificio Torre Sesto Piano
Telefono0331 572450

Obiettivi di apprendimento attesi

The goal of the course is to enhance students’ knowledge of marketing management and to advance their skills in developing successful marketing strategies. Starting from the marketing process, students will learn how to analyze a market, how to search market opportunities, how to define a proper marketing mix (the 4 P’s).

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

Students will learn how to apply the concepts and methods learnt in real business situations through the discussion of cases and the participation in a field project.

Contenuti dell’insegnamento

Topics include:

  • The marketing management process
  • Strategic marketing, marketing operations, and the marketing plan
  • Market and competitive analysis: how to define a market and how to run a competitive analysis
  • Market share measurement: the components of market share
  • Marketing research to understand the market: qualitative and quantitative
  • Demand segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • The 4 P’s of the marketing mix: a general overview
  • New product introduction and management
  • Go-to-market strategies and distribution channels
  • Marketing communication: off-line and on-line
  • Pricing decisions
  • Marketing audit

Metodologia Didattica

The course is based on a mix of lectures, guest speeches, case studies, and exercises about the different phases of the marketing management process. The mix enables students to apply concepts to real-life situations and deals.

Modalità con cui viene accertata l’effettiva acquisizione dei risultati di apprendimento.

Attending students

The evaluation is 50% based on a marketing project developed in groups, and 50% based on an individual final written exam. The project is presented in class, and the grade is for the presentation, not for the written report. The individual written exam includes 10 questions on the slides; slides correspond to specific chapters of the textbook. Each question is worth 3 points.

Non-attending students

The evaluation is 100% based on an individual final written exam, with 15 questions on the slides and all the chapters of the textbook. Each question is worth 2 points.

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