A95327 Organisation and Information Systems

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2019/20 Second Semester

Docente TitolareAndrea Martone
OfficeBuilding M11 wing 2, First floor
Phone0331 572209

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • Build an organizational structures and draw an organization chart  (focus on international contest);
  • Set up a system of competences (existing and target);
  • Analyze the basic human resources system and the information management systems;
  • Apply the aforementioned concepts in a change management context.

Learning targets

The course provides the students with the basic knowledge of organization design and human resource management.

The main expected learning outcomes can be summarized as follows:
- knowledge of the basic tools to organize the companies and the other social institutions ;
- provide criteria and tools for the organization and information systems design;
- an overview of the new offered by the new technology (organyatione 4.0) 

Course Content

Course Contents :

  • The fundamental organizational models.(elementary, functional, divisional, product manager, project manager and matrix and network)
  • Organization in the international contest
  • Coordination mechanisms
  • Analysis and planning of organizational roles and tasks.
  • The HR Department
  • Human Resource Management (recruiting, training, evaluation, compensation and outplacement)
  • The links between information systems and company organization
  • ERPs and information systems for personnel
  • Change management
  • Organization 4.0

Course Delivery

The course alternate lectures, cases discussions and exercises . sometimes the students are required to read cases and articles before the lesson (the the material is provided by the teachers in good time).

Active discussion of cases and practical exercises is a fundamental part of the assessment. During the sessions of "business practice" the teacher verifies with questions in the classroom that the students have studied the material.

The student is responsible for the regular consultation of the website "my.liuc.it" where they can find additional material and the slides . No excuses are accepted for any problem resulting from a delayed consultation of the site.

Course Evaluation

The assessment  is:

Attendent students:

  1. Written exam (60 %)
  2. Partecipation (20 %)
  3. Teamwork (20%)

Non attendent

  1. Oral exam

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