A95328 Financial System

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2019/20 Second Semester

Docente TitolareMassimo Armanini
Office"Torre" (main tower), 3rd floor

Learning Objectives

The main objective of this course is to provide the students with a general understanding of the different functions performed by financial markets and institutions and their role in the economic system. We start by giving a brief overview of the functions of the financial system and its connections to the real economy. We then study the functioning of financial markets and the main financial instruments. Finally, we study the economics of different types of financial institutions.

Learning targets

The students will be able by the end of the course to understand the functions performed by the different financial institutions and will be familiar with the functioning of major financial markets

Course Content

  • The first part of the course analyzes in detail the characteristics of the major financial assets, and describes the institutional characteristics of the markets in which these assets are traded.
  • The second part of the course studies in detail the objectives as well as the organization of the major financial intermediaries (commercial banks, investment banks, mutual funds) that allow to match demand and supply of funds 

Course Delivery


Course Evaluation

There are two written exams:

a partial exam around the second half of October and a final exam on December (tbd).

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