A95331 Job Market Orientation

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2019/20 Second Semester

Learning Objectives

The aim of the course is to:

- Prepare graduate students for job search helping them to understand job market evolution and selection process
- Learn how to create a CV and cover letter and how to prepare for interviews (job seeking strategies)
- Make the participants aware of the skill set they will need for their career development
- Improve awareness and understanding of personal traits, interests, skills, aptitudes and motivations in order to create a  career path
- Help students to be aware of the importance of effective communication strategies during a job interview


Learning targets

Students will be able to identify their skill set, be aware of their aptitudes and motivations towards a certain type of job/career in order to make satisfying  job choices.

They will know how to write a correct resume and cover letter and the different types of job interviews with practice mock interviews both individual and group (assessment center).

Course Content

Course Delivery

Lectures and workshops with active involvement of participants as for:

- Production of personal resume and cover letter

- Digital brand

- Career planning tool

- Mock interview both individual and group interview

- Company storytelling: guest company to illustrate the selection process

Course Evaluation

Attending the course is mandatory and graduate students will obtain 2 CFU if they attend at least 60% of lessons.

Participants are required to:

- Have an active involvement in mock interview practice both individual and group to be aware of the selection process strategies

- To attend the company storytelling about selection process in a multinational reality

- To produce a resume and cover letter

- To be aware of the communication strategies

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