N91323 Smart factory: technologies and tools

Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale
Scheda Insegnamento
Anno Accademico 2019/20 Primo Semestre

Docente TitolareLuigi Battezzati
UfficioEdificio Torre Primo Piano

Obiettivi di apprendimento attesi

The aim of the course is to introduce the tools and methods to be used to design, build and manage intelligent factories according to Industry 4.0 / smart manufacturing paradigms.

Students will understand the links between digital supply chain, product modular design, and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) architectures inside the different levels of plant management from capacity planning to production operating processes.

But above all, the students must understand the key role of operators in the intelligent factory because the student must learn how design the correct flexibility of experienced human operators for avoiding automating the processes without value added activities or too complexes.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

Contenuti dell’insegnamento

The course Smart Factory: technologies and tools is integrated with the specific content of the other courses in PdE Design and Management of the Smart Factory.

The topics of course are:

  1. Introduction to the industry reference model 4.0 / smart manufacturing
  2. Automation of factory automation: from plc, to the SCADA
  3. Integration and digital communication of information: from fieldbus to Wireless Sensor Networking
  4. Digital reality modeling from Industrial IoT to Digital Twins
  5. Integration between digital world and physical world: from physical automation to cooperative robotics
  6. Integration between human beings and digital systems:
  7. Flexibility and reliability of the digital system.
  8. Security of the digital system.
  9. Product and process modularity and product digital configuration
  10. Change management to the digital factory


During the course will be presented some lectures and  testimonials of experts and managers about:

  • 3D Printing for customized products (factory of motorcycles)
  • Advanced robotics (factory of Cobot, AGV etc)
  • Product Configuration Systems integrated with ERP
  • PLC and Supervision Systems (SCADA) at System Integrator factory
  • Process of transformation from lean organization to Industry 4.0 (factory of customized medium voltage circuit breakers)


The I-Fab training will allow you to experience some of the key technologies used (virtual reality, MES, RFId and RTLS et)



Metodologia Didattica

Modalità con cui viene accertata l’effettiva acquisizione dei risultati di apprendimento.

Project work in I-Fab or other and final written exam.

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