L40911 International business law

Scuola di Diritto
Short Syllabus
Academic Year 2012/13 First Semester

Docente TitolareAndrea Moja
Office"Torre" (main tower), 3rd floor
Phone0331 572245

Learning Objectives


Learning Objectives 

At the end of the course the student will be able:

a)   to deal with the general principles of international agreements;

b)   to understand and draft the most common types of agreements;

c)   to develop a general knowledge of Joint Venture and the related contracts, as well as the different types of Joint Ventures. Particular attention will be devoted to the practical application in countries like China, Eastern Europe and South America;

d)   to develop a general knowledge of trust within the frame of international contracts;

e)   to have a detailed knowledge of the steps of merger and acquisition and of how they work;

f)    to manage international litigation.

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