course units held in English in the 2020/21 academic year.


N91444 Business Decision Making: Models and Tools
A95322 Business Law
A83023 China in the World Economy
A83152 Corporate Finance
A93111 Corporate Governance [English version]
A91030 Cosmetic Industry World
N91467 Data Analytics
A01003 Digital Technology
A86031 Economics and the city - How to use financial and economic analysis to shape cities
A95325 Economics II
A14906 Entrepreneurial and Growth Finance
A93118 Entrepreneurship and Regional Competitiveness
A14910 Entrepreneurship by design
L16013 EU Economic Law
N90350 Excel for Business Applications
A15004 Family Business Management & Organization
A93109 Family Business Management and Governance
N91466 Financial Engineering
A78618 Financial investment & pricing
A95328 Financial System
A83021 Global Markets and Economic Policies
I90086 Global Markets and Economic Policies (International Monetary Economics)
I83021 Global Markets and Economic Policies (Topics in global markets)
N91452 Industrial Marketing
A15006 Innovation & Marketing for SMEs
A83020 Innovation and Competition in the Global Markets
I83020 Innovation and competition in the global markets (Economics and Innovation)
A84256 Innovation Management
N91327 Innovation Management and New Product Development
IL1100 Intercultural Competences
IE1020 International Business Communication
A78616 International business economics
L16014 International Business Law
A22555 International Marketing
L16015 International Tax Law
A90082 Introduction to International Relations
IG0006 Introduction to Italian Law (Part I - Part II)
IL0001 Italian Level 1
IL0002 Italian Level 2
IL0003 Italian Level 3
N91471 Lean Management
N91329 Lean Manufacturing - English Version
A14905 Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
A90041 Lingua inglese / BEC
N91446 Logistics Management
A86012 Management and Principles of Accounting
A85645 Managing project and multi-cultural organisations
A86003 Mathematics for Business, Economics and Finance
L16011 Mergers and Acquisitions Law
N90401 Operations Research
A83702 Private and Public Law
N91330 Quality Design and Management
A86050 Quantitative Methods for Economics, Finance and Management
A99110 Research Methods [English version]
A56111 Seconda Lingua Straniera Francese
A56221 Seconda Lingua Straniera Spagnolo
A56331 Seconda Lingua Straniera Tedesco
N91469 Smart Factory
A95329 Statistics
A14907 Strategic Management Accounting
N91315 Supply Chain Management
A00017 Sustainable Business Management
N91470 Systems Engineering
A86099 Tax Law
N91333 Technology Management
IE1000 Understanding Italy


A86045 Accounting and Financial Reporting
A86032 Asset Management
A00012 Behavioural economics of management and organizations
A00019 Business Ethics: managing for stakeholders
A15005 Business Heritage
N90387 Business Process Management and Control
A83533 Comparative Economics
A86039 Corporate Citizenship for a Global Firm
A14912 Creativity for Entrepreneurs
A78603 Design Management
A95332 Digital Innovation
A78608 Digital Thinking
A83220 Doing Business Around the World
A20030 Economics I
A83025 Entering emerging markets: organisation, distribution and pricing
A14909 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
A14908 Entrepreneurial Experience
A15007 Family Business Evolution: Governance & Finance
A84346 From Storytelling to Storybranding
N91332 Fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems
A93116 Global corporate Entrepreneurship
L16028 Global Litigation
A86033 Health Economics, Policy and Management
A86047 Human Resources & Project Management in Multicultural Context
A83022 India in the World Economy
N90211 Industrial Design
N90308 Information Structure and Management
A00020 Institutional Marketing & Lobbying
IL1100 Intercultural Competences
IE1020 International Business Communication
A78609 International financial and foreign exchange markets
A78619 International financial markets
A85677 International Financial Reporting
A14002 International Human Resource Management
A93123 International Strategy & Multinational Corporation
A90081 Introduction to ecological economics
A99002 Introduction to Negotiation
IL0001 Italian Level 1
IL0002 Italian Level 2
IL0003 Italian Level 3
A95331 Job Market Orientation
N91468 Law for Engineering
A90041 Lingua inglese / BEC
N90321 Management Information Systems
A83067 Managing Risk in Family Office and Wealth Management Firm
A95323 Manufacturing and Logistic
N91328 Manufacturing Systems
A95324 Marketing [English version]
N91448 Operations Management
A95327 Organisation and Information Systems
A14903 Organizing Digital Change
A95326 Planning and Control
N90312 Project Management
A78606 Public Economics and Economic History
A56111 Seconda Lingua Straniera Francese
A56221 Seconda Lingua Straniera Spagnolo
A56331 Seconda Lingua Straniera Tedesco
A14904 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
A88750 Strategic Analysis of Italian Business
A14911 Strategic Consulting
A93119 Strategic Entrepreneurship
A93120 Strategic Entrepreneurship Advanced
A55705 Strategic management
N91450 Strategy Analysis and Organization Design
N91309 Supply Chain Design
N72956 Systems Theory
A00015 The Economics and Law of European Union
IE1000 Understanding Italy
L16016 White Collar Crimes