Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2007/08

Sustainable Economic Policy and Management
Aim of the course
The course intends to provide an inter-disciplinary understanding of the principles, policies and practices for socially and environmentally sustainable economic development and to enhance strategic thinking of the students around the issues of sustainbility.
1. Sustainable Economy: key-concepts, currents of thought, contemporary issues
2. The long view: natural resources management and environmental changes in historical perspective, from Neolithic to our times
3. The wide view: principles and practices of sustainability across the contemporary contexts, from tribal to post-industrial societies
4. Sustainable land-use and natural resources management: economic and legal (normative) aspects
5. Environmental management of business firms: economic and legal issues
6. Social responsibility and business practices: ethical and legal aspects
7. Strategic application of information and communication technologies (ICT) for sustainable economy
      7.1. ICT in eco/socio-compatible business strategy
      7.2. ICT in public policy for sustainable community development
8. International cooperation for sustainability: protocols, treaties and enforcement
9. Changing paradigms in life-style and consumption pattern: global citizenship for sustainability and new business horizons
10. The future of planet and people: an interdisciplinary future-view (strategic foresight and alternative scenarios).
Written work (home assignment) during the course and an oral exam at the end.

Reading list
Assi, J., Carletti, C. & Klaus, R., Per un nuovo dialogo tra mercato e società (in Italian) SUPSI, Manno (Switzerland, 2006
Beder, S., Environmental principles and Policies: an Interdisciplinary Introduction, Earthscan, London, 2006
Bhat, V.N., Total Quality Environmental Management: An ISO 14000 Approach, Quorum Books, Westport (Conn., USA), 1998
Desta, A., Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development, Praeger, Westport (Cennecticut, USA), 1999