Student guide Faculty of Economics A.Y. 2007/08

Entreprenuerial Strategies
Aim of the course
The course is divided into three closely integrated modules. Following a coverage of the topic areas relating to corporate strategy, students will be introduced to the ideas of strategic change, before finally focusing on strategic renewal within mature sectors.
·              "Corporate strategy"
·              "Strategic change"
·              "Entrepreneurial strategies in mature sectors"
"Corporate strategy" module
Lecturer: Chiara Bernardi
  1. Penetration strategies
  2. Market development strategies
  3. Product development strategies
  4. Diversification strategies
  5. Portfolio management rationales
  6. Portfolio matrixes.
  7. The strategy-structure relationship
  8. Vertical and horizontal integration strategies
  9. Mergers and acquisitions
  10. Strategic alliances and networks
  11. Constituent elements of internationalisation strategies
  12. Significance and sources of competitive advantage for companies and nations
  13. Comparison of alternative models for internationalisation
  14. Definition of the economic-financial strategy
  15. The principal economic-financial strategy decisions
  16. Evaluation and formulation of an economic-financial strategy
"Strategic Change" module
Lecturer: Alessandro Sinatra
Modification of the strategic architecture.
The different levels of the strategy.
The pillars of the strategic architecture.
Strategic learning.
The process of change
Emerging approaches.
Complexity theory. Actions and application methods of the different disciplines.
Applications of the strategic architecture and its evolution.
Adaptive complex systems.
Applications of systems theory and qualitative analysis of the causative relations between strategic choices.
"Entrepreneurial Strategies in Mature Sectors" module
Lecturer: Fernando Alberti
- The characteristics of mature sectors
- Basic strategies for competing in mature sectors
- The organisational structures of enterprises operating in mature sectors.
- The special case of declining sectors.
- The concept of entrepreneurial orientation.
- Strategic innovation, creativity and corporate entrepreneurialism.
- The role of strategic management in processes of corporate renewal.
- Resources and skills for corporate entrepreneurialism.   
- Micro-strategies, organisational routines and entrepreneurial renewal.
There will be a written examination.
Reading list
"Corporate Strategy" module
Sinatra “Strategia Aziendale: business strategy, corporate strategy” ISEDI 2006
The case studies will be communicated by the lecturer at the start of the module.
"Strategic Change"module
A. Sinatra “L’architettura strategica dell’impresa: modelli e processi di cambiamento” EGEA 2005
Additional reading materials will be set by the lecturer at the start of the module.
"Entrepreneurial Strategies in Mature Sectors" module
The reading list, communicated by the lecturer at the start of the module, will constitute the examination program for both students who attend lectures and for non-attending students.