Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2007/08

Aim of the course
The course aims to give a basic knowledge of physics in substance states, thermology and thermodynamics, and open systems introducing students to technical physics.
The three principals of thermodynamics will also be studied.
1. Fundamental units of measure
· Dimensional analysis. SI units
· Correspondence among SI and other measure systems
2. Hydraulics
· Fluid static
· Fluid dynamics. Bernoulli's theorem
· Load loss evaluation
3. Thermology
· Temperature. Fundamental of thermodynamics
· Solid thermal expansion
· Fluid thermal expansion
· Thermometers
· Scales
4. First thermodynamic principle and the energy conservation laws
· Thermodynamic systems
· Thermodynamic equilibrium
· Transformations
· State variables
· Energy conservation law. First law.
· Internal energy. Labour-heat equivalence
· Work in reversible processes
5. Gaseous state. Phase transition
· Ideal gas transformations
· State Equation of ideal gas
· Specific heat and latent heat
· Enthalpy
· First principle for ideal gas
· State equation of real gas
· Evaporation, boiling
6. Solids and liquids. Phase transitions
· The surface tension of liquids
· Contact of two fluids with a third mean
· Capillarity
· Fusion and solidification
· Sublimation
7. Second thermodynamics principle
· Definition
· Thermic plants
· Refrigeration plants
· Carnot's cycle
· Carnot's theorem
· Absolute zero (third principle)
· Entropy: reversible and irreversible processes
· State variable, temperature and entropy
8. Mollier's water steam diagrams
· Thermodynamics
· Applied examples
9. Open Systems
· First principle for open systems
· Yield of an adiabatic expansion
· Yield of an adiabatic compression
The evaluation will consist of a final written exam. Candidates can also choose to sit an additional oral evaluation
Reading list
G.Cornetti, Macchine Idrauliche, Ed.Il Capitello, Torino
G.Cornetti, Macchine termiche, Ed.Il Capitello, Torino
Reading material will be elaborated by the lecturer