Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2007/08

Automated Production Systems
Aim of the course
The Automated Production Systems Course aims to analyse the relevant aspects of automation use and management in a production system, with particular reference to the aspects of system and organisation. The three main areas are the integrated product project, automated process systems and automated manufacturing systems with particular reference to planning, dimensions and operative management problems.
1. Industrial Production Systems classification
· Production systems typology, work stations arrangement, automated solutions
2. Product and process integrated conception
· Introduction
· Data and information flows
· Engineering process managing and control
3. Elements of Industrial computing
· Industrial computing systems evolution
· Local area networks, distributed systems
4. Process Industry Production Automation
· Measurement, data capture, data manipulation
· Automated systems for process control
5. Manufacturing Industry Production Automation
· Automated production systems for manufacturing (FMS, transfer lines, mfg. cells and robots)
· Automated production systems for assembly (FAS, specialised systems, robots)
· Project features
· Operative management
· Real time control

Exercises will be held during the course.
There is a written exam at the end of the course.

Reading list
Garetti M., Taisch, M., Sistemi di produzione automatizzati, CUSL, Milano, 1997.
Quazza G., Controllo dei processi, Clup, Milano, 1994.
Sianesi A., FMS: Sistemi di produzione per la fabbrica automatica, Il Rostro.
Groover M., Automation, production systems and computer aided manufacturing, Prentice Hall.
Warnecke, H.J., Steinhilper, R., Sistemi flessibili di produzione, Tecniche Nuove.