Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2007/08

Innovation and Project Management
Aim of the course
Students will acquire the in-depth knowledge and sophisticated tools needed to formulate the technology strategies of firms and manage technology and technological innovation, in contexts characterised by high complexity and turbulence.
· Technological innovation: definitions and fundamental concepts

The technology strategy:
· Models
· The technology intelligence process
· Definition of the timing
· Selection of technologies
· Modes of acquisition of technology

Technology management
· Measurement of performance
· Evaluating and choosing innovation projects

Organisation of innovatory activities
There will be a written and oral examination.

Reading list
Reference textbooks:
Chiesa V., R&D Strategy and Organisation, Imperial College Press, 2001
Further reading:
Hamel G., Prahalad C.K., Competing for the future, Harvard Business School Press, 1994.
Tidd J., Bessant J., Pavitt K., Managing Innovation, Wiley, 2001.