Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2007/08

English Language (certification)
Aim of the course
The Faculty attributes great importance to the study of the European languages,
and in particular of English, which is considered to be an indispensable tool for social and professional communication.
Therefore, teaching of the English language is given high priority throughout the students' time at university, with a variety of study paths to choose from.
The basic English course prepares students for the PET (Preliminary English Test), an intermediate-level certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge, for which LIUC is an examination centre. The PET certifies, to level B1 on the European scale, the ability to communicate in everyday situations (travel and leisure, recreation and sports, studying, work, family, conversation, exchange of information, reading announcements, etc.) and is divided into three sections: reading/writing, listening and speaking.
Other accredited certificates equivalent to level B1 will of course also be accepted and recognised. Another test which students can sit directly at the university, as an alternative to the PET, is the Cambridge CELS (Certificate in English Language Skills), centred on reading and writing.
Cattaneo University is also an official examination centre for the TOEFL, now offered in a new Internet-based version.
Obtaining the language certification earns 4 credits which count toward the yearly requirement, and gives enrolment priority for the 2nd year of the degree course (see entry requirements). All the courses organised by the Language Centre are taught by professional mother-tongue lecturers, and adapted in duration and level to the initial ability of the student, as ascertained through pre-entry tests taken at the time of enrolment.
This ensures that the courses effectively meet the learning needs of students, allowing them not just to obtain the International Certificate, but also improving their language interaction skills with a view to facilitating study experiences abroad, reading textbooks or scientific materials in English, and taking subjects taught in the English language.
To accomplish this, there are also further study modules and an individual language tutoring service available.
The Language Centre also offers courses in other European languages (French, Spanish, German), aimed at further enhancing students' ability to communicate in groups and professional settings. Accredited certificates may be obtained for these languages as well.
For further information about the language course offerings and individual study programmes students can consult the faculty of the Language Centre, located on the 2nd floor of the Cantoni building.