Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2007/08

Industrial Marketing
Aim of the course
In order to formulate sustainable marketing strategies it is necessary, on the one hand, to carefully analyse the value of the market, and on the other hand to identify objectives and implement programmes able to create value for the firm and its clients (current and prospective).
The course illustrates the theoretical models and instruments for analysing the elements which influence the success of a marketing strategy (analysis of market value, definition of the value proposition and working definition of the value proposition - marketing mix).
The following topics will be covered in the course:
·  Role of marketing in the competitiveness of firms: the drivers of value for the market, sources of value for the company and marketing within the organisation of the firm.
·  The process of generating value: specifically, the mechanisms for generation and manifestation of needs and the target marketing process.
·  Analysis of value: different aspects of value in a market for the firm and the process of market analysis.
·  Definition of the value proposition: strategic positioning of portfolios and products.
·  From value proposition to marketing plan: product / service policies, pricing mechanisms, communication mechanisms, channel strategies and management of the sales network.
·  Planning and control process of the marketing plan, the marketing plan in turbulent and complex settings.
There will be a written examination.
Reading list
Kotler P., Marketing Management, 11th edition, 2002 Prentice Hall International (**)
Kerin, Berkowitz, Hartley, Rudelius, Marketing, 7th edition, 2002, McGraw Hill
 (**) There is also an Italian version available by Walter G. Scott ISEDI