Student guide Faculty of Law A.Y. 2007/08

Regulation Law
Aim of the course
This course is specifically devoted to the highly topical subject of regulation, which is closely connected with the controversial subject of independent administrative bodies. In this context, students will acquire in-depth knowledge of the method of operation of these bodies which, compared with the traditional administrative bodies, represent an alternative model of public involvement in the economic and social sphere. Particular attention will be paid to analysis of their quasi-judicial profile, which is particularly unusual for bodies that still retain an administrative nature.
1. Regulation and Administrative Regulation.
2. The British/American origins of the phenomenon, and the economic/social context in which it has developed in Italy: the crisis facing the Welfare State and privatisations.
3. Independent authorities: the demarcation of the category as a problem.
4. (cont.) Organisational and functional specificity.
5. (cont.) "Quasi-judicial" functions: dispute resolution and issue of sanctions.
An oral exam will be held at the end of the course.
Reading list
The reading list will be indicated at the beginning of the course.