Student guide Faculty of Law A.Y. 2007/08

Consumer Law
Aim of the course
This course will analyse the legal relationships between “professionals” and “consumers” and, partly by interpreting individual legislative provisions and precedents, offer a rational overview which allows identification of the legal principles governing relationships with a highly innovative content. In these sectors, the role of the interpreter is to render the specific provision consistent with the system, in order to provide guiding criteria.
The method used will be the specialist study method, which compares the general principles of contract and obligations law with the principles specifically dictated by consumer protection requirements.
1.   Development of consumer law and contract law: overview.
2.   Contractual balance as a crucial theme in the law governing contracts between unequal parties.
3.   The role of protection duties in consumer law.
4.   The contract in the Civil Code and the consumer contract: points to consider.
5.   The relationship between “consumer-customer” and other parties on the market in the Consolidated Banking Act.
6.   The relationship between “consumer-investor” and other parties on the finance market in the Consolidated Banking Act.
7.   Recent legislation and current trends.
8.   Alternative Dispute Resolution and consumer protection.
A final oral exam will be held.
Reading list
The teaching material will be announced during the course.