Student guide Faculty of Economics A.Y. 2008/09

Retail and Sales Management
Aim of the course
To illustrate the role and importance of the sales function for the purposes of differentiation of the company's offerings. The course--divided into two sections--explores the innovation of distribution marketing and illustrates the methodological tools used to configure the retailing mix of commercial firms. The emphasis is on an integrated marketing analysis perspective, and awareness of the need for collaboration between industry and distribution in choosing marketing policies.
The second part of the course further expands upon the topic area of sales management, covering the latest theoretical and practical advances in relationship selling.
Commercial firms and distribution marketing instruments:
1. Evolution of distribution channels and management of multiple channels (e-commerce)
2. Role and functions of commercial intermediaries
3. Distribution innovation: relations between industry and distribution
4. The retailing mix:
a) planning commercial assortments
b) point-of-sale communication (visual merchandising) and brand policies
c) price positioning and commercial profitability of products; category management
5. Configuration and function of trade marketing
6. The trade marketing mix: effective management of the levers as instruments of differentiation
7. The channel profit and loss account

Functions and organisation of the sales force; the principal administrative instruments:
1. Organisational structure of the network
2. The sales process: required competences and critical areas connected with the sales function
3. Management of the customer portfolio and key account management approaches from a relationship marketing perspective
4. Evaluation of sales performance: impact and contribution to the overall result of the company

There will be an oral examination.
Reading list
Fornari D., Rivoluzione Commerciale & Trade Marketing, Egea, Milano 2005 (publication pending).
Guenzi P., La vendita relazionale, Etas, Milano 2002.