Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2008/09

Production Technologies
Aim of the course
Students will gain an understanding of the criteria and methods employed for the selection, design and implementation of industrial plant, identifying the fundamental elements that are common to all production systems, irrespective of the specific technological process being carried out.
The course begins with a presentation of the internal and external performance of production systems, and a classification of the different types of production systems.
This is followed by a presentation of the principal stages of new product development, particularly as concerns the steps linking the design of the product to its realisation on the production system (determination of standard times, adequacy of the characteristics of the production system, experience curves...)
The problem of the scaling of production systems is addressed, with an illustration of the methods for appropriately sizing manufacturing systems (job-shop, cells, machining lines) and assembly systems (manual and automatic).
Students will then go on to examine how the design of a production system is interrelated with considerations of product design, in order to gain the integrated vision of these two processes that is essential for success on modern markets.
The course will include discussion of selected industrial case studies to illustrate the topics covered during lectures, and a visit to a production facility.
1. Performance of production systems
- Availability
- Production capacity
- Productivity
- Quality
- Service

2. Classification of production systems

3. New product development process

4. Manufacturing systems
- Production by parts
- Sizing of a job-shop
- Production capacity of a job-shop
- Production by cells Group Technology (coding systems)
- Manufacturing transfer lines

5. Assembly systems
- Manual assembly
- Sizing of single-product systems and lines
- Sizing of multiple-product systems and lines
- Automatic assembly

6. Presentation of the principal technologies used in the following sectors: mechanical, graphical (printing & packaging technology), textile (fashion technology), and plastics and rubber processing.
There will be a written intermediate test and a final oral exam.
Reading list
Portioli A., Pozzetti A., Criteri di progettazione dei sistemi produttivi, CLUP, Milano 1999.