Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2008/09

Industrial Logistics
Aim of the course
The Industrial Logistics course covers the topic areas connected with procurement, production (review), the distribution of finished products and after-sales service. The course looks at the logistics process from an integrated perspective, i.e. oriented toward the optimisation of the system as a whole, including the recovery/recycling of packaging materials. It deals with both the basic managerial and technological aspects, as well as the methodological side, with particular reference to the criteria for choosing between the different technical solutions under consideration.
Management of production and logistical systems.
1. Integrated logistics
- Review of logistics as an integrated perspective on the process: procurement, production, distribution, customer service, recovery and reuse of packaging materials and discarded products

2. Physical support structures
- Packing
- Internal handling
- Storage
- Picking
- External transport

3. Packaging and the environment
- Types of packaging materials
- Pre- and post-consumption packaging management
- The Kyoto protocol and the Italian "recycling fund" proposal
- The product life cycle
- The aluminium supply chain

4. The logistics information system
- The Odette Standard

5. Organisation of the logistics structure

There will be a written examination.

Reading list
Course notes provided by the lecturers.
Dallari F., Casi applicativi di logistica, CUSL, Milano 2000
Caron F., Marchet G., Wegner R., Impianti di movimentazione e stoccaggio dei materiali, Hoepli, 1997