Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2008/09

Technical Plant Services
Aim of the course
Students will acquire the fundamental elements of plant services design and management, reviewing and expanding on the concepts of technical-economic evaluation of industrial plant acquired in preceding years.
An overview of the architectural decisions involved in the implementation of a plant service will be followed by an introduction to the fundamental ideas of reliability theory, providing a common groundwork for the ensuing material. The design and running of the principal types of plant services will then be examined in depth, with particular emphasis on the economic aspects, and their application within specific industrial sectors (e.g. process productions).
The course will include quantitative exercises based on real-world case studies, and (possibly) visits to industrial facilities to provide a practical illustration of the topics covered during the course.
Physical technology.
1. Introduction to the design of Plant Services
Centralisation/decentralisation decisions, cost drivers, level of redundancy, sizing of uncoupling points in the case of cumulative services, review of the fundamentals of investment evaluations.
2. Reliability theory
Definition of reliability and availability, reliability and availability of individual components and systems, study of redundancy and management policies.
3. Plant services.
Electrical services: review of electrical technology, sizing of load centres and conductors, power factor monitoring and power factor correction capacity, thermal and voltage drop monitoring, short-circuit protection, protection against accidental contact.
Air conditioning services: review of physical technology, calculation of thermal loads, target conditions (operator comfort and process requirements), winter and summer air conditioning cycle, sizing of the thermal plant.
Steam services: transfer fluid selection criteria, design of the transport network, steam generator sizing, steam accumulator sizing. Application example: the paper production process.
Lighting services: review of lighting technology, light sources and their characteristics, light fixtures and their characteristics, design criteria and verification of uniformity, total flux method, point value method.
There will be intermediate written tests and a final written exam.
Reading list
Course notes provided by the lecturer.
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