Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2008/09

Management Control Systems
Aim of the course
This course aims to give the students the theory and the operative tools for control activities in company management.
The main subjects are:
- the techniques for measuring performance;
- the management control system architecture, to enable users to go from general results to single unit performance
- the process which defines who is responsible for the different control activities
1. Introduction
2. Concept of management control
3. Aims of management control systems
4. Features of management control systems
5. Techniques
6. External accounting
7. Cost accounting
8. Discounted Cash Flow
9. Non financial techniques
10. Architecture of management control systems
11. Vertical architecture
12. Horizontal architecture
13. Project/process architecture
14. Process
15. Traditional process of budgeting: master budget and result analysis
16. Design of management control system: outlines

There is a written exam at the end of the course.
Reading list
- Azzone, G., Innovare il sistema di controllo di gestione, Milano, Etas, 1994 (Italian Students only)
- Kenneth A. Merchant, Modern management control systems, Prentice Hall
Advanced management accounting, Isedi, Prentice Hall