Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2008/09

Numerical Analysis
Aim of the course
Students will learn how to approximate the solutions to certain analytical problems and evaluate the reliability of the results thereby obtained.
The first part of the course covers some methods for calculating the zeros of functions, the solution of systems of linear equations, the polynomial approximation of functions, the calculation of derivatives and definite integrals and the solution of differential equations. In the second part of the course students will learn to use the MATLAB software to implement the algorithms studied in the first part of the course, comparing the approximated solutions with the exact ones obtained with the Symbolic Math toolbox program.
Mathematical Analysis I -
1 – Rounding and arithmetic errors in computers
2 – Zeros of a function in one variable
3 – Approximation of functions by polynomials
4 - Differentiation
5 - Integration
6 – Differential equations
7 – Linear systems
8 – Programming in MATLAB
9 – Symbolic Math Toolbox
10 – Implementation of algorithms for solving analytical problems by approximation
comparison with the specific MATLAB functions
The evaluation will consist of a written exam + MATLAB test. There will also be two intermediate progress tests.
Reading list
Comincioli V., Analisi Numerica metodi modelli applicazioni, McGraw-Hill, Milano 1990.
Richard L., Burden J., Douglas Faires, Numerical Analysis, PWS-KENT, Publishing Company, Boston.
Comincioli V., Analisi Numerica complementi e problemi, McGraw-Hill Libri, Milano 1991.
Scheid F., Analisi Numerica, collana Schaum, Fabbri, Milano 1975.
Tutorial exercises prepared by the lecturer available on the website.