Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2008/09

Operational Research
Aim of the course
The course aims to cover the theoretical grounding, the methodological tools, and the principal resolution techniques of operational research. The discipline will be taught with reference to various decision-making problems of an economic-organisational character concerning the distribution of resources, the sequence of operations, the management of inventory and service systems.
0. General Model
1. Elements of decision theory
2. Linear programming
- Graphical solution
- Simplex method
- Duality, economic interpretation
- Sensitivity analysis
3. Linear programming problems with particular structures
- The transport problem
- The assignment problem
- entire programming problems
4. Game Theory
- non co-operative games
- co-operative games
The examination procedure will be communicated by the lecturer during the course and posted on the office notice board.
Reading list
Course notes prepared by the lecturer will be distributed during the course.
Other recommended textbooks:
Hillier F.S., Lieberman G.J., Introduzione alla ricerca operativa, Milano, Franco Angeli,1994.
Winston W. L.,, Operations Research, Duxbury Press, Belmont,1994.
Bronson R., Ricerca operativa,Milano,Etas,1984.