Student guide Faculty of Law A.Y. 2008/09

Computer Literacy
Informatica (laboratorio di informatica) (alfabet
Aim of the course
Informatica (laboratorio di informatica) (alfabet
This course, for students of the first year, provides an introduction to the personal computer and to the use of the most common software applications. The lectures are aimed at presenting the main characteristics of office productivity software tools, and will be complemented by sessions in the computer lab,where students can practice using these tools and understand how they can help resolve real-world problems. This will impart skills that are essential in today's workplace, given the increasing use of information and communication technology in all the main employment destinations for graduates of this course. Familiarity with the main office automation tools will also undoubtedly assist students with the coursework they will encounter in subsequent years.
Informatica (laboratorio di informatica) (alfabet
1.  Structure and functions of an operating system (Microsoft Windows), with particular focus on file management and support for network connections.
2.  Producing documents (Microsoft Word): basic data processing functions, advanced functions for composing complex documents including text, graphics, tables, ….
3.  Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel): basic functions for processing numerical data, creating relations between data, graphic presentation of results, what-if analysis, advanced functions for analysing the information in a database, etc.
Informatica (laboratorio di informatica) (alfabet
There will be  a practical test in the computer lab, in which students must demonstrate their grasp of the topics covered during the lessons.
Reading list
Informatica (laboratorio di informatica) (alfabet
A reading list will be supplied during the course.