Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2009/10

International Marketing (Marketing internazionale)
Aim of the course
Markets have become truly global. If you stand in your domestic market you will likely be trampled by competitors from around the word and, at the same time,  success and failure in one market will affect the others’ performance.
This is the main reason why marketing in the global arena is a very dynamic discipline.
In a few years  academitians and practitioners have progressively  replaced the words international and global marketing, with idioms such as “globally integrated marketing activities”, which  are seen as the way  enterprises will cope in the future with increasing globalisation.
The  International Marketing course offers a the opportunity to focus on the firm and the processes associated with going international. The marketing activities associated with going international will be dealt with in detail. Students will be asked to work on a number of assignments allowing you to apply all the concepts discussed in class.

  • International and Global Marketing Research
  • Selecting and Evaluating Foreign Markets
  • International Segmentation and Positioning
  • Entry Strategies in Foreign Markets
  • Global Product Policies and Product Adaptation
  • Pricing Policies and Coordination Strategies worldwide
  • Global Logistics and Distribution
  • Communicating with the World Consumer
  • Organising Global Marketing Efforts
The written exam accounts for 60% of the final evaluation, an individual assignment to be discussed with the Professor acconunts for 40%.

Reading list
M. Czinkota, Ilkka Ronkainen , International marketing, seventh edition, edited by Thomson