Student guide International Program A.Y. 2009/10

Italian Level 2
Sabrina Dotti
Aim of the course
This course is specially addressed to all students that already have a basic knowledge of Italian language.
They will be given the opportunity to revise and improve their Italian.
¨      Indicative Present Perfect of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and irregular verbs
¨      The Indicative Imperfect tense
¨      Personal pronouns indirect object
¨      Personal pronouns object direct plus indirect
¨      Present Conditional of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and  irregular verbs
¨      Past conditional of regular and  irregular verbs
¨      Preposition simple and articulate ,prepositional locutions
¨      Imperative
Comunicative   functions
¨      How to tell in the past
¨      How to ask for something politely
¨      How to give advice
¨      How to give orders, suggestions and directions
¨      At the hotel
¨      How to get there
Italian culture
During the lessons the students will be able to improve their communicative abilities and their vocabulary as well  about  different aspects of the Italian way of life .
There will be a written and oral exam at the end of the course.
Reading list
Italiamania, Livello Elementare, Mondadori
Further material provided by teacher