Student guide Faculty of Economics A.Y. 2010/11

Aim of the course
The principal objective is to stimulate the propensity to entrepreneurship of the participants, developing their personal skills and equipping them with the tools needed to undertake entrepreneurial activities in the best possible way. Participants will be required to come up with and develop an entrepreneurial idea, with a view to draftinga business plan, working in groups of at most 4-5 people.
Discovering and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities.
-          What is an entrepreneurial opportunity?
-          The process of entrepreneurial opportunity discovery.
-          The sources of entrepreneurial opportunities.
-          Analysis of an opportunity's attractiveness and ability to be grasped.
-          Strategic business-level decisions: how to compete?
-          Strategic corporate-level decisions: how to grow?
-          Analysingthe suitability, acceptability and feasibility of a business idea
The business plan as a tool for planning the feasibility of an entrepreneurial initiative.
-          Function, structure, and drafting of a business plan
-          Strategic plans and operating plans
-          Economic-financial plans
At the end of the course there will be a presentation and an in-depth discussion of the business plans produced by the students.

Reading list
The study materials, mainly produced by the lecturers, will be supplied during the course. The following text is recommended: Parolini C., Diventare imprenditori: dal business plan all’avvio di una nuova impresa, Il Sole 24 Ore, 2006 (4 edizione).