Student guide Faculty of Economics A.Y. 2010/11

Financial Management
Aim of the course
1.      To identify the principal financing channels of firms, with particular reference to the credit, securities exchange and private equity markets.
2.        To gain an in-depth understanding of the different methods for meeting the financial needs of firms, and the various instruments which can be used to this end.
3.        To acquire a knowledge of the principal actors on the financial markets.
1.      The financial choices of firms and the reference markets.
1.1   Evolution of the Italian financial system.
1.2   Role and functions of financial intermediaries.
2.       Use of debt capital originating from banks.
2.1    The banking system and its evolution in the Italian and international financial arenas.
2.2   Characteristics of the bank-firm relationship.
2.3  Bank contracts for the provision of credit.
3.      Structured and project finance.
3.1   Bond issues.
3.2  Project financing.
3.3  Asset securitization.
4.      Private equity and venture capital.
4.1   Structuring of investment vehicles and capital collection activities.
4.2  Investment activities.
4.3  Disinvestment activities.
4.4  Acquisition financing and mezzanine debt.
5.       Listing on the stock exchange.
5.1   The decision to list on the stock exchange and its impact on the firm.
5.2   The listing process.
5.3   Segmentation of stock exchange markets.
There will be an oral examination at the end of the course.
Attending students will also have the opportunity to present an extra credit project.
Reading list
Gervasoni A. (editor), Sviluppo d'impresa e mercato finanziario, Guerini e Associati, Milano, 2002.