Student guide Faculty of Law A.Y. 2010/11

Arbitration Law
Aim of the course
In the context of national and international trade, arbitration is becoming increasingly important due to its undoubted ability to resolve disputes effectively, thus meeting the needs of both businesses and individuals.
Students will learn about the various types of arbitration in the light of recent legislative reforms (Legislative Decree no. 40 of  2/2/2006): arbitrato rituale (ss. 806 et seq. of the Civil Procedure Code), voluntary arbitration, company arbitration and international arbitration.
Particular emphasis will be given to the connection between the essential technical/legal aspects and their effects in terms of enforcement.
1.   Arbitrato rituale (arbitration in which the award has the status of a court judgment) and arbitrato irrituale (arbitration in which the award has the status of a contract between the parties)
2.   Company arbitration.
3.   International arbitration.
Oral exams will be held.
Reading list
Verde, G., Lineamenti di diritto dell’arbitrato, Giappichelli, Turin, 2004 (p. 165).
Further reading will be suggested during the course.