Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2010/11

Industrial Application (ICT)
Aim of the course
To impart the knowledge and skills students will need to optimally deploy information and data communication technologies within a corporate setting, with particular emphasis on the design and implementation of distributed information systems and solutions for enabling web-based database access.
Information technology
1. Architecture of a client-server database access system: the user interface (UI), the application logic (AL ) and the database management system (DB).
2. Review of Internet programming. ASP and scripting programming languages.
3. Developing an application by putting together the UI, AL and DB components.
4. In-depth study topics: management of state information; error handling; write access; meta-data management.
5. Advanced techniques: server-side and client-side distributed processing; problems of efficiency and scalability.
The examination procedure will be communicated during the course.
Reading list
Reference textbooks
Mari L., Accesso a database via Web, Apogeo 2002
Materiale aggiuntivo distribuito dal docente (lucidi, dispense, ...).
Further reading
Morrison M., Morrison J., Web e database, Apogeo.
A more detailed reading list will be supplied at the start of the course.